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Looking for your next dressage partner? A young prospect with the talent and temperament to succeed in the ring? A horse with FEI caliber talent and a successful show record? Or a well trained, willing and sound schoolmaster to help you reach your riding goals?


Ever thought about buying a well-schooled, pre-vetted horse at one of the German auctions, but didn’t know where to begin?  We can help you manage that as well, including trial riding by trusted, qualified riders in Germany. We have helped FEI riders acquire lovely mounts at both the Oldenburg (Vechta) and Hanoverian (Verden) auctions.


We have contacts in Germany and the Netherlands – with breeders that we know produce horses with sound limbs and sound minds; with young horse raisers and trainers that know how to carefully start and develop a young prospect; and with upper level trainers who have produced competition ready horses in a kind, correct, and classical way.


We can manage the entire trip – travel, itineraries, accommodations, car rental and appointments to see horses – and accompany you on your search.  We also handle pre-purchase exams, importation requirements, and air transportation – door to door, or Europe to your nearest USDA quarantine station.  For mares and stallions older than 22 months, we can make arrangements for you at USDA approved quarantine facilities that we know and trust.


We will gladly provide you with references and our fee structure.  Call for details: 617/803-8671, or email me at Marcia.boeing@huckshillfarm.com.


Some of the horses we have helped clients acquire:





After searching at home for a potential GP prospect, I found myself thinking about the daunting idea of shopping abroad. (mind you - I had never traveled to Europe previously, so it was an intimidating thought for me!)  It seemed that in the States, my budget limited me to horses without the ability I was looking for....With the help of Marcia Boeing I  flew off to Germany!  Marcia had put together a list of horses within the specs of what I wanted to see.  We went to several farms in southern Germany, and then a few more up north.  The quality of all of the horses was wonderful (and I did find my fabulous new mount, "Kir Royal"!!).  Marcia is knowledgeable and pleasant to travel with, and has developed great contacts in Germany.  If you are interested in horse shopping in Germany, you would be very pleased to have Marcia's help!!  Feel free to contact me if you would like more information: bobbicarleton@aol.com   Roberta Carlton, CT, USA"


Marcia Boeing is patient, extremely knowledgeable, and honest.  I am very happy I found Marcia to help me find my next partner.  It was not an easy decision to replace my mare of 23 years, but when I decided to go forward I had a wish list in hand.  I did a lot of research on horses available in the US, but could not find the right match.  When I found Marcia, she understood immediately where I was coming from and did not dismiss my previous loss. With my budget and criteria in mind, she put me at ease that looking in Germany was within reach and I would not be disappointed. I never thought I would buy a horse that I have only seen in video!  Soon he will be coming home and I owe this wonderful experience to Marcia."  I am happy to share more if you are interested - kfromer@yahoo.comKathie Fromer, NH"