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Huck's Hill Farm is situated in the northeast corner of the historic and traditionally horsey town of Camden, SC. Our location is ideal for raising horses, gently rolling upland terrain in 1,000+ acres of covenant protected equestrian community, surrounded by miles of open, wide, rock free trails, and over 14,000 acres of permanently conserved land.

The farm proper consists of 2 parcels separated by a dirt road. The parcels are kept separate from one another to allow us to safely manage and protect the pregnant mares and young foals with immature immune systems from the possibility of contagion inherent with being exposed to the horses coming in and out for training and sports competitions. Pregnant mares, foals, and other young stock are kept in fields with run in sheds; horses in training or otherwise in need of special handling are kept in the main barn.

Each parcel has its own barns and turn out sheds - our breeding stock and youngster live out year round - board fenced paddocks, and security perimeter fencing surround each division.

We offer your young horse the opportunity to begin its riding horse career with the proper foundation. With decades of experience of introducing young horses to ground work, stable manners, and initial under saddle work, we have proven our expertise with horses bought for our own riding, as well as hundreds of yearlings and two-year olds gentled and conditioned for racing careers.

We subscribe to the principles of the German training scale, believing wholeheartedly that the horse must be confident in and respectful of its handler, whether on the ground or astride; it must be forward thinking, having been allowed to move elastically and supply, responsible for its own carriage and balance; and be responsive to direction from the rider regardless of being ridden in an arena or out in the open field or trail.

While the horses we breed and raise are handled from birth, learning from day one what behavior is expected of them, many horses come to us literally out of the fields on which they were raised. All horses leave our program having learned the fundamentals of ground work: how to stand tied for grooming, clipping and bathing; to accept the ministration of the vet and farrier; and to load calmly into a trailer or van.

For horses coming to us for initial under saddle work, we follow a methodical program of preliminary ground and in hand work, introducing them gradually to the fundamental commands of go, stop and turn before they are challenged with the weight of a rider.

Our riders are professionals, with years of experience in backing youngster, and the courage, confidence and athleticism to know when to let them figure things out for themselves and when to impose the appropriate discipline. Each horse is allowed to progress at its own pace, and time and consideration are given to growth spurts, nutritional needs, and individual temperament. Preliminary work is done in the stall and the round pen, introducing the horse to the next phase only when it is totally comfortable and confident in each phase. We then move them to work in the company of other horses in a large arena or grass paddock. We consider the initial training is complete when each youngster is hacking quietly and comfortably over the grass lanes and wooded trails around the farm.