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Our mares have been chosen for the strength of their pedigrees, their gaits and conformation and their temperament. Each is unique in her own way, as we have deliberately selected mares with varied but proven pedigrees and varying body types. We believe this variety of bloodline and conformation type will enable us to match each mare with stallions that will complement them physically and provide the opportunity for the perfect blend, or "nick," in pedigree.

Statistics gathered by the Hanoverian Verband have amply documented those lines that breeding after breeding produce outstanding individuals. For example. Donnerhall crossed on Pik Bube mares; Weltmeyer on B Line (Brentano/Bolero) mares; Rubinstein stallions on D line (Donnerhall) mares, etc. We will continue to follow this research and incorporate it in our selection strategy as successes in new stallion lines and crossings are revealed.

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